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Danielle Margaux

Artistic director and designer Danielle Margaux was born in South Africa, studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and was trained in couture dressmaking in various designers' ateliers in her earlier years.

As a technical pattern maker, assistant designer and design room manager for years before starting her own label, her training afforded her an eye for detail, developed her creative expression and gave her the best training in couture pieces, tailoring and fit.

Being taught how to construct clothing from an early age, this previous hobby grew into a passion to translate designs into beautiful physical expressions of what was once drawn on paper. 

The intent of the design, movement and characteristics of fabrics and the desired effect and emotion all blend together to create garments that inspire not only visually but also create a feeling of satisfaction and deep emotional resonance.

From South Africa to Europe, Danielle Margaux is expanding her horizons and taking the surrounding influences as inspiration to continue creating dresses and garments that help women express who they are, find confidence in themselves, and add grace to their special day.

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