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custom design process

If you cannot find a dress that feels like you, it probably has not been designed yet. Design your bespoke, one-of-a-kind look from start to finish with Danielle Margaux.

1. initial consultation              2. fabric selection              3. pattern drafting              4. first fitting              5. final fitting


1 - initial consultation

We offer two paid consultation options (by appointment only). Option 1, a 45 minute virtual call or Option 2, a 60 minute in person meeting. Danielle will get to know your vision for your big day and help you to achieve the desired outcome. You can communicate your ideas and she will use our existing designs as reference, to better understand your style, and help visualize and materialize the perfect custom dress for you. Danielle will take your measurements (guided  if virtual ), and create a rough sketch of a first draft design during this consultation.

2 - fabric selection

After your dress design is finalised, Danielle will select the best suited fabrics for your dress. If detailing like lace, embellishments, and beading are part of your final design, those options will also be presented to you either by mail or virtually. This is an exiting step in the process, and  integral to deciding the movement and feeling of your dress.


3 - pattern creation

The atelier team will create your unique dress pattern based on your measurements and the design that was finalised. We will create a mock dressof your dress with an alternative fabric that can be adjusted perfectly to your body at your first fitting, making sure we get everything just right before we start cutting and creating your actual dress.

4 - first fitting

Depending on the custom package you are choosing, we offer 3 sessions of complimentary fittings. You are in good hands and we will be taking the process step by step with you. At your first fitting, you will try on your mock dress so that we can make adjustments to the pattern ( if needed ) and make necessary changes while we are with you. We will also place the lace patterns with safety pins on the mock sample so that you and Danielle can finalise lace placement and tweak any last minute design choices.


5 - final fitting

Throughout your fittings up until your final fitting, we will make any and all adjustments needed to ensure you not only look, but feel fantastic in your dress no matter how small the detail. Our team has many years of experience in the couture bridal industry, and have developed our own fit methodology to best accentuate and flatter your beautiful shape using the least amount of fitting and alterations. After your final fitting, you will at last be able to take your dress home as you await your event or big day- ready to be cherished for a lifetime to come!

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